In the Valley of the Dragons

In the Valley of the Dragons, Nancy Donovanby Nancy Donovan
illustrated by Susan Spellman

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A girl is visiting her favorite meadow. It’s a sad place for her now. The meadow used to be alive with flowers, bushes, green grass. There were always birds singing and butterflies dancing. This year, there hasn’t been enough rain for things to grow. Now it feels like a dead place.

While she is sitting there feeling sad, a little dragon stuck in a withered rose bush speaks to her. The young dragon brings her to the Valley of the Dragons where life is flourishing. Adult dragons take them on exciting journeys to learn how to care for the Treasures of the Earth.

“Nancy Donovan has done it again! This book makes learning fun and environmental concerns easier to understand. Kids and adults will enthusiastically follow Lauren’s adventures and quickly grasp the importance of caring for our earth’s resources.
Parents and teachers will find a wide variety of ways to expand children’s thinking/questioning. The story easily lends itself to extended discussions about history, science, environment, vocations, friendship and family to name a few. This is a book I’ll have in my library to read and recommend over and over!” —Barb Renda, 36 years teaching elementary special-education. 

Peter E. Randall Publisher
10×8, 68 pages, full color illustrations
Children/Environment/Water Conservation
$20 paperback, ISBN 13: 978-1-942155-18-8